Why did I receive a litigation flag?

We have strict guidelines for releases that involve any type of litigation or court case. Certain verbiage in press releases may trigger the litigation flag. If this occurs, please contact our Client Success team at 800-713-7278 option 2 for further assistance.

Please note the following:

Litigation – Releases discussing pending, open, or closed litigation cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may or may not be accepted. If the litigation matter has been closed, then the release will need to be accompanied by proper documentation, including but not limited to Court docket number, attributable files, etc. Releases pertaining to amicus curiae briefings are acceptable to process if they meet all other editorial standards. 

Pending and open litigation announcements from companies involved in litigation may be allowed only as it relates to material updates to that litigation; i.e. a case was filed, the hearing date has been updated, counsel has been retained, etc. Closed litigation releases can discuss the results, but still need to be written in a neutral, factual tone and cannot include overly opinionated or accusatory language.

Yahoo!, a distribution partner of Newswire, has recently informed all press release providers, including Newswire, that they will no longer accept press releases for Yahoo! Finance and all other Yahoo! online news sites that involve litigation, announce class action investigations, or advertise attorneys by discussing open or closed litigation.

This is a content policy issued by Yahoo! to all press release providers, not just Newswire. As a result, Yahoo! will be removed from any new press releases that contain litigation-related content effective immediately for Newswire Digital Plus, State, National, Financial, and International and Global press release circuits. Please note, no other distribution points are impacted and the rest of your chosen distribution is still available.