4.4 The Uncharted Future of Influencer Marketing

It’s hard to make predictions, but looking at how micro-influencers have proven their worth when it comes to being cost-effective content creators and delivering better results than traditional talent/celebrities.

Authenticity is becoming increasingly important and so is earned media and long-term value. Research has also shown that generating brand advocacy is becoming an increasingly important goal for influencer marketing strategies.

Taking all these things into consideration, true influencer marketing will be the future. it’s a little different than what we’re seeing right now, but should become the norm in the near future.

This approach will focus more on combining earned with paid media, creating influencer marketing programs that utilize existing brand advocates as well as paid content creators to create a powerful mix of influence and reach – the emphasis will be on the importance of nurturing and harnessing relations and long-term strategies in order to generate more than just advertising ROI.

Influencer marketing will hopefully become the center around which brand advocacy, content and influence revolves. It will be the go-to strategy to deliver long-term, in-depth, brand building KPIs that will really help grow a brand.

Community management will become an increasingly important part of influencer marketing in the future, because in this day and age, we are more pulled in by content that relates to us on a personal level and this translates to brands requiring a more bespoke and personal approach when it comes to the consumer journey and influencer marketing fits in perfectly.