3.1 Key Metrics for Finding the Right Influencers

We look at a number of different values that we consider to be important to clients:

The main social platforms are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The first thing that we look at for an Influencer is their follower count. Our focus is Influencers with fewer than 100,000 followers, commonly referred to as the power middle, because statistically these influencers offer the best reach/engagement/cost combination.

Engagement rates are crucial, as an example to qualify for our database an Influencer with 50k followers should hit at least an average engagement rate (covering 3 or more posts) of 2%+.

By loading their profile into a social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, we can generate a bit more insight across their social channels, such as their social streams, biography, keywords, influential topics, location etc. Our CRM is a simple, accessible interface that takes the work out of independently researching your own influencers and their backgrounds, followings, and content—Newswire Influence does it for you.