2.2  Influencer Identification & Selection

Depending on budgets and scope of your campaign there are (4) main ways to identify influencers to work on your campaigns:

  1. Databases – Databases do site scraping for you, pulling publicly available data. These are great places to start but be prepared to spend time vetting each influencer and communicating with them directly.
  2. Networks – This method of connecting with influencers sits in the middle of a database and a marketplace. A network has relationships with the influencers, but will require that you go through them to reach out.
  3. Marketplaces – A marketplace will offer the best of database by pulling in real-time information, along avoiding the middleman like you get with a network.
  4. Google – This use to be the main way brands and agencies found influencers to connect with. This method requires individual searches, then scanning webpages for contact info, and then populating spreadsheets to keep track of it all.