1.2 Finding Your Definition Of An Influencer

There are quite a few different definitions for an ‘Influencer’ floating around and they can be present in many forms (content creators, brand ambassadors, product experts, micro influencers, celebrities, etc.) but in every situation these folks do exactly what it sounds like help to drive the decisions of others.

It is this ability to drive the behaviors of others which most often drives Brands to utilize them in marketing their products or services to their audience instead of the brand attempting to market to its target consumer directly.

The most important factors that define influence are an engaged audience and a level of advocacy that is driven by conviction. A lot of people tend to use the words “influence” and “followers” interchangeably, but you don’t always need a large audience to have influence—you need conviction and trust. This is what helps us distinguish between an earned influencer and a paid influencer—an earned influencer being a brand advocate or fan, and a paid influencer being someone who has simply been paid to promote. Both can be effective, but end results occur in very different ways.