How to view your Press Release Distribution Reporting

To locate your press release distribution stats, please click on ANALYTICS > CONTENT STATS. The Content Stats provide metrics for the distribution of your press release. We provide a quick, easy way to measure your results.

Views: This represents the number of views of your release on -- this means that your press release title was clicked on and the viewed. (NOTE: "Views" and "Impressions" are measured on only. We are not able to track all of the visitors on our Partner Sites because they are a third party.)

Impressions: This represents the number of times your press release was displayed to a newswire visitors. The metric also counts hits of your title on the homepage of

Published: This is the number of websites that published your release. You can view your release on each site when you click the published link.

Google: This represents the number of indexed pages in the Google Search Engine with your press release. This number may vary based on your location as Google has a number of servers that may be pulling data near you.

Twitter: The number of Twitter Shares reported from the platform.

Facebook: The number of Facebook Shares reported from the platform.

Mapping: This section provides the location of your readers, based off US state and country.