What is the difference between Newswire Digital and Newswire Digital Plus?

Newswire Digital is distributed to a network of 500+ online news sites including Google News, Digital Journal, Investing Daily, and more while Newswire Digital Plus is distributed to a network of nearly 3,000 online news sites and reaches Yahoo! News/Finance whereas Newswire Digital does not.

Newswire Digital is a great option for companies looking to impact SEO and grow brand awareness through consistent weekly, monthly, or quarterly press releases and content distribution, or those companies looking for an additional content marketing channel to promote and showcase their products and services at a low cost.

Newswire Digital Plus distributes your press release to nearly 3,000 online, local, regional, national, international, and industry media outlets, including Google News, Digital Journal, Associated Press, Benzinga, Yahoo! Finance, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. It is a great choice for companies looking to reach top media outlets while building their digital footprint through published links and improved SEO or those looking to maximize their connectivity to online media without having to break the bank.